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3D Printing Services

Here at ReliaBlee we print using all types of filament. Want to see your new project scaled down or need a new part for that car, mower, motorbike etc. We do all our own inhouse designing, testing and even have 3D Scanners to ensure your product will fit first time every time.

If you have you own design, no problem send it in and we will print it out for you!

Considered the next manufacturing revolution, 3D Printing is the process of creating complex 3D objects from 2-dimensional models. See why thousands of industries are already adopting this revolutionary technology and why you should too:

  • Speed up the prototyping process by creating 3D models of your design to check their function.
  • Create custom-made, exclusive jewellery moulds to be unique.
  • Easily fix anything around the home by printing your own spare parts.
  • The ability to create custom fitting prosthetic limbs available to everybody.

Rapid Prototyping, Production, Manufacturing, Short-Run and Reverse Engineering we can assist you with.

Need a new hydraulic ram boot but can't get it from your supplier in time to meet your deadline contact us to get it printing using strong Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a very common form of elastic polymer, or elastomer with excellent boning characteristics for long lasting components.   

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