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Testing & Commissioning

We provide professional, independent checks of system installation and operation. Our employees have strong engineering backgrounds and bring a systems approach to start-up, rather than focusing on each component separately, and we document our work to support successful operation and maintenance. This experience and independence is clearly visible to our customers, and allows us to deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

ReliaBlee knows the importance of mechanical and structural testing to ensure your equipment and the work environment are safe, compliant and operating optimally. ReliaBlee have a variety of test equipment readily available to perform various testing such as vibration analyst tools and software, pressure testing equipment, temperature guns, torque wrenches, dial indicators etc. so you know your process will start trouble free within the premaster it’s designed for. Will can use your test instruction and records or you can use ours which are tailor made for your equipment so you have a bench mark in years to come.

Our team aims to provide testing and commissioning, preventative maintenance of all projects related to Infrastructures, Industries, mechanical equipment, new and existing plants in a cost effective manner.

If you don’t see the service you are interested in, please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

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