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             Mechanical Engineering

ReliaBlee provides mechanical engineering, design and construction, construction only or construction management services for mining, commercial, retail and government building projects. The ReliaBlee team can manage the entire process from feasibility studies through to planning and site management.

Project Management

Complete turnkey solutions from project definition, estimating and cost control, quality and commissioning plans, design and construction schedules right through to project closeout. Reporting on cost! and programme performance by consultants and contractors. Obtaining cost effective alternative construction methods and designs.

Maintenance & Reliability

We consult on all phases of the asset lifecycle for both new and existing projects, and help you develop effective, long lasting asset management solutions. Whether you have a new project in the pipeline or want to improve an existing facility, our proven reliability techniques and knowledge will deliver outstanding results for your business.

             Structural Integrity

Complete managing of structural integrity risk management to minimises the risk of catastrophic failure through to components replacement to maximise operational efficiency, and promotes asset life extension.

Testing & Commissioning

Review and prepare commissioning and documentation requirements with each contractor. Preparation of a road-map for the commissioning process in collaboration with the documentation team, creating commissioning plans and schedules, facilitating meetings and workshops, functional testing, reviewing operational performance for all mechanical, structural and civil commissioning services.

Drafting Services

Detailed precision drawings of the structural and civil components in projects ranging from residential home extensions through to medium-size construction jobs all provided in 3D for ease that the components can be installed trouble free. ReliaBlee also creates drawings for unique custom projects such as mineral conveyor belt system frames for use in the mining sector or a virtual layout of your shop fit out.

            3D Printing Services

We have a complete 3D printing farm using only top quality 3D printers and and a full engineering team to assist finalising your design or we can print our own design.

3D Scanning

ReliaBlee has a variety of 3D scanner to assist you with running that new pipe through a brownfields project or to reverse engineer something.

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